Nothing but love and endless distances....

Sooo,,, i'm going trough this really stupid fase.... The fase that you go trough when you are reaaaaaaalllly in love and you don't want them to ever leave,, and you always want your boy to sleep next to you EVERY Day so you can wake upp in his arms ^^... Unfortunatlyyyy that will not be happening any time soon -.- .... I have schoooll,, he's working like a houre away from me,, so it's kinda far iff you already have to be there at 4.30 in the morning Ö.... But never the less, i still want it xD... sooo that's what's going onn.... We love eachother, soo nothing but love,, but there's this endlesssssss distance that i HATE !!..... <3

- in love with a skaterboy


- Here's where our story begins 


 A couple off months ago I met this guy,,(Gwen) he is suppper cute,, he is caring, loving, funny, supportive,, he is everything that you look for in a guy ^^...  I have met him trough friends off mine at a gig where he had to play.( He's a drummer BTW)...we Laughed, we talked, we went out a couple off times, and we just knew we where meant for each other ^^... Although it wasn't that easy at first 'cause you see I have a 2 year old boy... But he got used to it,, and know after a while he even called him dad I can say to you all is perfect, butt just like any relationship ours has's flaw's to.... We live apart 'cause his job is really far away from me, and he has to get up at 4 am.... Soooo 6 night's a week mostly I sleep alone.... It's not THAT bad, it's not something I couldn't live with,, I suppose what I'm trying to say is,, I'd rather have him every night with me... But besides that there's not actually something i wanne change,, he's perfect "for me".. <3